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Does your van need to travel as freight?

This varies from one ferry company to another however with Condor Ferries the following should be booked as freight:

All vans regardless of length.

All cars carrying commercial items.

Passenger ferry tickets can be booked from Condor Ferries page on our sister site.

Condor Ferries Freight

Condor Ferries offer freight ferry services between the UK, Channel Islands and the French port of St. Malo. Quite apart from providing a vital supply link for all kinds of fresh and frozen produce, this essential service is also ideally suited for virtually any traffic that can be driven or towed on board.

Freight drivers can make the most of Condor Ferries on-board facilities to relax, stretch their legs, enjoy a meal, or if travelling on Condor Ferries' conventional ferry, Commodore Clipper, re-charge the batteries in one of the comfortable cabins.

Condor Ferries' modern fleet offer unrivalled comfort and high standards of service.

Condor Ferries Freight Ferry Routes

Guernsey Jersey (St Helier) freight ferry (minimum duration 1 hour, maximum of 3 sailings/day)

Guernsey Poole freight ferry (minimum duration 3 hours, maximum of 3 sailings/day)

Guernsey Portsmouth freight ferry (minimum duration 13 hours 10 minutes, maximum of 6 sailings/week)

Guernsey St Malo freight ferry (minimum duration 2 hours, maximum of 7 sailings/week)

Guernsey Weymouth freight ferry (minimum duration 2 hours 20 minutes, maximum of 13 sailings/week)

Jersey (St Helier) Poole freight ferry (minimum duration 4 hours 40 minutes, maximum of 19 sailings/week)

Jersey (St Helier) Portsmouth freight ferry (minimum duration 9 hours, maximum of 6 sailings/week)

Jersey (St Helier) St Malo freight ferry (minimum duration 1 hour 19 minutes, maximum of 14 sailings/week)

Jersey (St Helier) Weymouth freight ferry (minimum duration 3 hours 45 minutes, maximum of 13 sailings/week)

Condor Ferries Freight Ferry Ports

Condor Ferries offer freight ferry crossings to and from 6 ferry ports. For further information on each port as well as freight ferry services offered by other freight ferry companies, click on the port links below: