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Does your van need to travel as freight?

This varies from one ferry company to another however with P&O Irish Sea the following should be booked as freight:

All vehicles greater than 6.5m.

Vehicles less than 6.5m that have any company logos printed on the vehicle or carrying any commercial items, including car derived vans.

All vehicles exceeding 1.8m in height.

All vehicles towing a trailer exceeding 12.5m in length.

All vehicles transporting equipment for sporting events.

Passenger ferry tickets can be booked from P&O Irish Sea page on our sister site.

P&O Irish Sea Freight

Wherever your going, P&O Irish Sea Freight ferries are going your way with an unbeatable choice of services between England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

P&O Irish Sea Freight prides itself on the facilities it offers freight drivers on all its routes both ashore and onboard.

From the moment drivers arrive at the port they are greeted by dedicated, friendly staff who ensure they are processed and loaded as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once aboard, you can relax and enjoy the excellent facilities provided exclusively for freight drivers’ use including restaurant, lounge, showers and toilets.

P&O Irish Sea Freight Ferry Routes

Cairnryan Larne freight ferry (minimum duration 1 hour, maximum of 8 sailings/day)

Dublin Liverpool freight ferry (minimum duration 7 hours 59 minutes, maximum of 17 sailings/week)

Larne Troon freight ferry (minimum duration 2 hours, maximum of 14 sailings/week)

P&O Irish Sea Freight Ferry Ports

P&O Irish Sea offer freight ferry crossings to and from 5 ferry ports. For further information on each port as well as freight ferry services offered by other freight ferry companies, click on the port links below:

P&O Irish Sea Freight Ferry Alternatives

If you can't find a suitable P&O Irish Sea freight ferry crossing then try an alternative ferry company: