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Does your van need to travel as freight?

This varies from one ferry company to another however with SNCM the following should be booked as freight:

All vans with commercial goods, including furniture.

All vans greater than 2.5m in height.

Passenger ferry tickets can be booked from SNCM page on our sister site.

SNCM Freight

SNCM - The Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée, is a major operator in passenger, vehicle and freight transportation in the Western Mediterranean.

All year round, the SNCM ferries, flying the French flag, provide regular freight services between France, Corsica and Sardinia.

SNCM with CMN (Compagnie Méridionale de Navigation), provide the best capacity for transportation of passengers, vehicles and freight to Corsica.

SNCM freight service provides more than 3,500 crossings a year with a full range of services to the Corsican Island from Marseille.

SNCM Freight Ferry Routes

Ajaccio Marseille freight ferry (minimum duration 9 hours, maximum of 10 sailings/week)

Bastia Marseille freight ferry (minimum duration 10 hours, maximum of 12 sailings/week)

Ile Rousse Marseille freight ferry (minimum duration 10 hours, maximum of 3 sailings/week)

Marseille Porto Vecchio freight ferry (minimum duration 13 hours, maximum of 8 sailings/week)

SNCM Freight Ferry Ports

SNCM offer freight ferry crossings to and from 5 ferry ports. For further information on each port as well as freight ferry services offered by other freight ferry companies, click on the port links below:

SNCM Freight Ferry Alternatives

If you can't find a suitable SNCM freight ferry crossing then try an alternative ferry company: