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Does your van need to travel as freight?

This varies from one ferry company to another however with Tallink Silja the following should be booked as freight:

All vans regardless of length.

Passenger ferry tickets can be booked from Tallink Silja page on our sister site.

Tallink Silja Freight

Tallink Silja is one of the dominant shipping companies of its region and provides passenger ferry and freight transportation services with their fleet of luxurious ships.

The majority of Tallink Silja freight ferries offer freight drivers a comfortable, quiet and private section for rest and relaxation.

Tallink Silja is the perfect freight ferry operator for Baltic Sea services.

Tallink Silja Freight Ferry Routes

Helsinki Tallinn freight ferry (minimum duration 2 hours, maximum of 8 sailings/day)

Helsinki Stockholm freight ferry (minimum duration 17 hours 30 minutes, maximum of 7 sailings/week)

Kapellskar Paldiski freight ferry (minimum duration 11 hours, maximum of 5 sailings/week)

Riga Stockholm freight ferry (minimum duration 17 hours, maximum of 7 sailings/week)

Stockholm Tallinn freight ferry (minimum duration 15 hours 15 minutes, maximum of 7 sailings/week)

Stockholm Turku freight ferry (minimum duration 10 hours 30 minutes, maximum of 14 sailings/week)

Tallink Silja Freight Ferry Ports

Tallink Silja offer freight ferry crossings to and from 7 ferry ports. For further information on each port as well as freight ferry services offered by other freight ferry companies, click on the port links below:

Tallink Silja Freight Ferry Alternatives

If you can't find a suitable Tallink Silja freight ferry crossing then try an alternative ferry company: